Ibrahim Ahmed, also known as 'Kashmirwala', uses his camera as a tool to initiate conversations with communities. Though the output of his work may exist in photographic, film, or book form, for Ibrahim; ‘people’ are his medium. And he views his work as a train of thought that ties these momentary adventures together.

Los Creyentes  (In Production)

Journey to the Blue City (2014- 2019)
Every generation has its own way of expressing youth culture. In modern Morocco, it's calisthenics - body-weight movement. Journey to the Blue City follows a band of teenagers from Casablanca to Chefchaouen, sharing their message of comradery, empowerment, and brotherhood.


40 Cypher Tapes (2019)
One MC’s early journey through freestyle battles in London. Edited from resurfaced tapes, documenting the 2004 UK MC battle scene. This IS raw London hip-hop culture, before social media.

Reset LAB (2018)
Promotional film for a functional training workshop.

Pokit, an Alternative Suit (2017)
Promotional film for luxury brand Pokit.

The Future is Lucha (2016)
A photographic portrayal of Lucha Britannia and The London School of Lucha Libre. 

No me Toques los Huevos! (2011)
Exploring the mind of Chicago street artist, Juan De La Mora - the artist formerly known as Chango Blanco.​​​​​​​

A Recipe for Blue (2009)
As nature has the ability to soothe with all its sonic and visual tones, it too has the ability to broaden one's perception. The tower, would rest on the horizon, as a symbol of that new way of thinking.

Riz Ahmed - All in the Ghetto (2008)
For the entire music video collection shot between 2005-2008 see the Music Visuals Page

Between the Lines (2004)
Between the Lines relives the personal accounts of individuals living through the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Calligraphic rules are reinterpreted to express conformity of ideals and identity.

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